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This'll go down as one of the greatest come backs in football history. Liverpool a 3-0 down at half time only to pull it back to 3-3 in the second half and take the game to penalties where they win 3-1.

Amazing scenes in Turkey.

I may be a Spurs fan but this is great for English football having the trophy back where it belongs.


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yeah one of the best finals I've ever seen, maybe the best. And what a comeback, good to see a British team can win the CL, without having a russian chairman with alot of money.

'You've never walk alone' :pony:

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well im not a huge fan of football, but my family is, my brother even went to Istanbul to watch it and hes only just got back a hour ago bcoz he was stranded there haha!

I decided to go the pub where there wasnt a tv, but when there was penalties, i listened to the radio with the bar staff but i didnt know what was going on bcoz i was having an ive cube fight at the time (talk about lovin your team lol), then i heard we won. It was great to drive home tho and hear youll never walk alone echoing thru the streets.

The only good thing about it, is that every1 hates the scousers so its funny when we win.

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Hey Kev, You Beat Me 2 It!!, i was about to post this but i geuss i was far too late, funny thing is i was playing football and got home for extra time, so i didnt see 6 of the goals, but as far as i saw in the extra time it was a great game, im a manchester united fan, arch rivals of liverpool, but i was happy to see a team like liverpool and win the champions league, its great because there was so many good teams init, real madrid, barcelona, man u, liverpool, chelsea, it was great to see the tornement to come to such a great final!!!!

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