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Eurovision Song Contest


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Yesterday the Eurovision song contest was aired and Greece won. so congratulations to the winner!! Are some Greek JJ+FP Fans on the board?

In my opinion I think the guy from Denmark with "Talking to you" was better, but I knew that a girl would win. Who did see it as well and who did you like best?

Oh, and thanks that Germany got the last place (i'm happy even if i'm from germany), because Gracia can't sing very well and she and her producer get all back what they did by buying cd's to get into the charts. That wasn't fair and she didn't deserve to sing for Germany.

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lol i saw it too, can i just say we was robbed, just coz the rest of Europe doesnt like us. I liked out song, Javine is good. I cant believe a song about a granny beating a drum and a a glamrock song beat us.

I didnt like that many songs, the song those 2 boys sang with the sign language in wasnt bad just coz it was so different to every1 else which consisted of a song with a drum and half naked women (yeah that included the UK too lol).

NB i only watch the eurovision purely for entertainment value, i do not take it seriously (apart from when we lose badly) and alcohol was needed to get me thru that looooong show lol.

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I did see the show, my fav was also Denmark (I'm dane) :peace: , I also liked the song from Norway! :chuks:

Norway? Can't remember that act, but I also switched to another show when some of the acts were on. Who sang for norway?

@Julie: I also thought UK wasn't bad. What position did UK made again?

But I think the guys from Moldova (with the granny) were ok, better than some others. Actually I didn't like most of the songs with all the drums and almost every song had drums (expect base drums of course) :cwm:

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Norway was the rockband!

I liked Javine, but I think people forgot about the song because of all the drumming in the east european songs :angel:

I'm not surprised that Spain didn't got so many points they sounded just like Las Ketchup :kekeke:

Denmark should have won :kool:

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we got 18 points all together, i think we were about 4th from the bottom lol. Along with France (which was rubbish anyway), Germany, Spain, which u will notice as big countries in Europe, its a conspiricy lol.

Hey, I understand that you think the french song was rubbish... Do I misunderstand????

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