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Just Some lyrics


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Some meaningless battlerhymes:

I'm the type to follow you to the afterlife

Crush your hollow pride like an hermafrodite

Frenetic doesnt ignore critics.. He makes them call medics

Making them see more stars than a Betty Ford-clinic

Not a hasbeen, I say **** these critiques

I'm ahead of my time like Ludvig the sixteenth


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your flows confused me, ur frenteic

hows that genetic? when ur plain pathetic

let me start off with one really good line

to kick your ass, one simple rhyme

there only clinic u going to is a drug one

stop taking that crack, its no more fun

didnt ya'll think i'll respond to this?

its the best gyst, a battle diss

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Embarassing weak wants to try and be wicked,

No content in rhymes, Fren's just a dick-head.

If refering hermaphrodites is indeed your cleverness,

Then God save your girlie when you start to undress.

Stop with this nonsense about you having critics,

Nobody's even gonna bother about you amateur little pricks,

Why don't you just stick to your everyday hobby,

Thinking about having sex with Obi-Wan Kenobi,

Time for me to take care of some lil business,

Gotta kick J-O-E's ass, dude's just a lyrical mess.

Byes. :kekeke:

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i do care if im a lyrical mess

my flows perfect, come on and test

bracesup, how many battle we had?

some were ok, mine was good, urs was bad

haters can brush they shoulders

coz im the one pushin these boulders

so much pressure on my back

talkin bout little pricks, little dicks dont mean jack

u sick if u wanted to make love to a fiction character

now u find ur self a role model? aint u a rapper?

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Blasting 97 FM wicked territory,

Unveiling killer rhymes from my mean inventory,

Brewing toxic spits in my secret laboratory,

Gonna rage you up into a nuclear catastrophe,

Can't even realise who my rhymes' aimed at,

You is just dumb like the entire cast of All That,

Why be I need a role model, tell me punk,

I'm the king of the court, lyrics just slam dunk.

Stayed up all night banging a ho's vertical smilie,

Tonight it's power-bombing your a** on your pregnant girlie.

Byes and I really apologise for my last two verse. :peace:

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Chitty chitty bang bang,

My lyrics bobbit wang wang,

Trying so hard to hold on to your inky winky,

But doctors gonna resort to stapling down your lil pinky,

Jumping up and down with your finger attached to crotch,

Your girlie's gonna get around to burn it with a torch,

Had no choice, so you got yourself a sex change,

Fren's and J-O-E's hermaphrodite wedding, vows about to exchange,

Ten years go by and now they have 4 lil kids,

Each has a pinky for a penis, and wangs for digits.

Byes. :kekeke:

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for you bracesup that was pretty weak

but my raps not the same without it hittin the peak

you figit to much to have your digit

dancin so much u gonna become a midjit

dont mean to diss, but, i think, i got, the gyst

your lyrics may be sick, but whos sucking d!ck

lickin pr!cks and lookin at my new tricks....

if ho's have a vertical smile

then ill freestyle and make the show worth while

look, we been at eachothers throats for ages

lets skip a few pages, to the end of all the rages

pretend that the end wont be here 4 u my friend

but its the henn that keeps my locked up, turnin a bend

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Do you mind if i jump in?

Cuz you no I'm gonna win

Better watch out cuz Bagos unbanned

Now to take over the rap world like i planned

Thats right I'm back

Bracesup was wack

As for J-O-E

He flees from me

Come back to the forum and everything changed

Took the forum I new and flipped and rearanged

They say how do you feel about all the new memebers

Well theyre just more chumps for me to dismember

I feel sorry for whoevers battlin the B.A.G.

whether its you, bracesup, or J-O-E

No one can stop me; feel my wrath

I'll destroy everything thats in my path

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But you cant do your math

correctly, re-count and come at me

feelin my rage on this page as j-o-e

how u gonna come back all out dissin

when ur ass nobody else was missin

i dont mean to be mean, but its true

look its bagotrasho, look what i thru

ur rhymes out the window, i treat u like my dough

splashin it around, just like my flow

if u cut me, homie feel my artillery

but as far as agility comes into the salary

coz lets face it, im a money maker

and whoever comes across my way, is a playa hater

i dont care bagotrasho ill take you down

squash your sound and then beat u six feet underground

and thats it, no more bago ur dead?

u read this rhyme, now keep it in ur head

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Why would I keep that wack rhyme in my head

How bout you stop braggin and listen to me instead

cuz I'm a lyrical braniac

Spit like a maniac

Keep goin and goin, just like that bunny

And no Joe I'm not tryin to be funny

I'm serious, you must be delirious

Sayin you can defeat me

Theres no way youll beat me

My rhymes will just straight up crush you

Your the criminal, I'm the cop and well its time to bust you

When you sayin nobody missed me ha my eyes roll

People missed me so much they were makin polls

J-O-E its you I've had enough with

Well I'm done lets see what you come up with

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