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Rock the House

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im definatly goin into a shop 2 order it, but the reason y i havent yet, is bcoz of my almighty plan. I bought Wills solo stuff when they came out coz i was a fan then, but i had to go back and buy his old stuff and bcoz Will takes his sweet time giving us another album, i decided not to buy them all at once, but to buy them over a few years just so i can get a new jjfp album fix. I only have rock the house to get but i will prob get it soon and that will last me until Wills next album.

I dunno wot i will do then coz i will have them all, but ppl trying to find it, go into a big record store and just ask them if they can import them 4 u, it only costs a bit more than an ordinary CD and it only takes about 2 weeks to get in.
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