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damn you're signature is dope..phesto's underrated..he gets the least props out of any1 in hiero..probably because it takes abt 50 listens to realise how dope his verses are! :kekeke: you should hear his verse on fantasy island on full circle! and another fav is medication - "me and the mic is holy matrimony"

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yeah i love that verse i have in my sig. i'm gonna fix it now cuz there's a few errors. Phesto is definitely one of my favs in SOM. it's hard 2 rate them but i'd say my fav is Opio/Phesto and then A-Plus 2nd fav and Tajai by far my least fav... ha ha! his verses are just so concious smooth u gotta just listen 2 it over and over 2 fully get what he's sayin. he's got a dope flow tho! i'll try 2 check out the Fantasy Island track. is Full Circle one of the Hiero albums?

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check this phestos verse on medeication..

I'm the loose cannon aid on deck

Detonate in a millisec

Covered in a blackened silloutte

And still reflects enough light

To shatter your body like a pinyata

Bobofet or

Jim Cata doin' lyrical kapoeta

The net to netta

Smokin' purple fibers off the hedges

Till it's resin

And pledge allegiance

To the essence

Confront Phes rock

Ever present with hesitance

My tongue twistin' tornadoes

Never miss your residence

You cackling cacophonies

Me and the mic is holy matrimony

Tackling your phony flow matrix

You couldn't absorb or deflect the impact

With roll cages

The soul aces

Take you to that oasis

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and this..

We Silver Surfing over soundwaves, scalpin

tickets to my show for twenty dollars more than face value pays

Curse my vowels on you holdin kids, marvel and gaze

I strip the tarnish off the microphone, sharp as a spade

Bring my plans to fruition, with intuition known to witches

The Hieroglyphic argonauts bombard the spot

with sandblasting, grand eloquence eloquent talented

like balance beam medalists, the seismic

Hi fidelity poltergeist in your amplifiers

Bustin from the top like snipers, niggaz hyper

Ventilate at the sight of the arch nemesis

When Phesto D walks the premises

I leave em mumma-fied like Tutan-khamun

With premonitions like Hyrahnomeus, device is incisive

And still be rockin the mic with arthritis

And blow the sleeves off your shirt, cause you'll need a life vest

to survive this, any anonymous character

from Bay Area 51 to Copernicus

I'm turnin kids to concrete, or be impaled

on the stallic mic, with the slightest impulse

I'm hair trigger, explode and reconstitute but bigger

Put the mic in the death, crane like The Vigilante

Manhandling, your crime family like Stan Lee

Branding niggaz with the Hiero, symbol and

adrenalin is, hallucinogenic

By the time the ambulance rolled up, the pharmaceuticals entered

They won't be able to identify ya

dental records on laser disk, CD, tape or vinyl

The Hiero, glyphics play the Iron Curtain

Drop the gavel on your gangster babble and face the verdict

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Theres so many good ones, here this is dope:

(, but you have hear him say it for the real effect)


The china-men built the railroad

The indians saved the pilgrim

And in return the pilgrim killed em

They call it it thanksgiving, I call your holiday hellday

Cause I’m from poverty, neglected by the wealthy

Me and my niggas share gifts every day like christmas

Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last

I’m with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad

This is my level, **** if it get you mad

It’s all poison, all of my words to enemies it is poison

Rappers only talk about ki’s, it’s all poison

How could you call yourself emcees you ain’t poison

Think about the kids you mislead with the poison

And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison

Who want beef now, my heat shell annoyed them, plaow

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Oh and this one :D

Pharao moch ft Canibus- hell


Yo yo I feel like I'm one of the livest

One of hip hop's finest, elite rhymers

And I plan to graduate wit honors

But one day we'll all be a bunch of old-timers wit Alzheimer's

Lookin at our label's roster wonderin how the **** they forgot us

After we done recorded dozens of albums

And made em hundreds of thousands of dollars, they still dropped us

We givin niggaz what THE **** they want

A holocaust, stompin niggaz wit a thousand man march

I ain't livin in hell, hell's livin in me

That's why I'm always screamin on you ****in MC's

The **** that I quote, float wit the buoyancy of a boat

wit the potency of a scorpion sting to the throat

Overdose that's extremely fatal

Doctors in white labcoats scramble for an antidote to save you

You can't breathe, your chest feels painful

Your skin color's goin from dark brown to beige-blue

Your whole room's full of angels

All in your ear tryin to tell you which God you should pray to

You pray to Je-sus, but He don't wanna save you

Cuz you unfaithful, so He gives you to Azazel

You're paralyzed on the operatin table

Prayin for Canibus to slice you from head to navel

You banned from TV, banned from CD's

Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s!

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This verse is from LL Cool J's "Murdergram", one of the most slept on songs he's done:

"The big showdown the display is skill

I'm the type of Picasso witcha girl on the pill

Take a family snap shot kiss ya wife

Cause I'm like a knife, the concrete is right

And I'll take ya life and take ya like python

I'ma do you wrong

Any emcee who you wanna name?

I want pain that I can be tamed

Talkin about guns punk it don't alarm me

Got enough cash to make a whole damn army

I can't hold back the way that I feel

Cause when I bust a rhyme it's like ya slippin off banana peels

Ya like fruit cake ya fruit cocktails

First your title now I'm takin your female

All of a sudden you're so proud of a black

A baseball hat but you ain't sayin jack

The ripper is back and you can't escape

Cause one of my records will sell more than your whole tape

I want beef so bring on the rookies

I got more than just Cool J cookies

Rip Rock, crush, stop, cop, I'm poison come and take a drop

I bet ya teeth will end up around the corner kid

Don't ask me why I did it

I'm civilized damage to a nobody

And I'm carrying a gun if I'm rhyming at the party

New York, Chicago, Detroit, LA

I'll slay wherever ya play

D.C. or Philly, or Baltimore

I'm worrying the rich, invading the poor

Perpetrating in your video, here's the real smoothing

Country accents, who do you think you're foolin?

I play "crushable", "late night craps"

You only knew cause ya watch yo mtv raps

And rap city and B.E.T.

The channel 31 and but now here I come

To save the day and the now you're getting done

Like a hooker, don't try to soul, crumb

The first sign of the battle you little fake

It's (???) comin out ya kitchen sink

Your Mic's a baby bottle son

Some say they ain't but I am the one

The slice is that the fire boy it'll break ya

servin or heard em a word occurred to him

then he could move a would get moved on

Like a shotgun blast big mouth emcees I'll bet ya none last

cause they ain't sable or able

And I bruise the party like jumper cables

So plug me in and put me on

I'm serial hard so I can battle amore

from coast to coast fly, cripple, and crazy

Use a dictionary but you still don't phase me

Listen ansd we can sound cheap

Reach out for my blackness but your records ain't wack this

Your bitin on the castle door but when you fall in the moat

I won't see ya no more

Let's get together and diss LL

Use his name and ya records might sell

I can't believe you found a dead maggots

crawlin all over my name I won't have that

You better look in the mirror and re-think your plan

Why walk in quicksand?

When you can stand on your own two feet

I'm rippin emcees a funky drum with a big beat

Name the date and a or Rainer

Ya three year old ballerina

I can't believe the suckers try to throw-down

Whether you're new or older than motown

Just kick back I don't like a ?stagger wagger? psycho rap

You can't handle the format

Whether you're swab or swoon

Ruff or rugged all I need is a broom

If I slay the way they slay, punk play the pay

Mr. Morris has entered the buffet

Some of y'all are sittin in rows

Plates of hot butter rolls, beat ya with balamey

Slap ya with salami cause when I get hot I get hot like pastrami

Then I make ya wonder why you don't hear bass

But you feel the thunder

You get cooked I'll knock out your tooth

We'll be fighting from lobby to the roof

You are on me like I wrote your dinnertime

Yo Marley (Whassup?) spill the time

(Nah man, just kick a little warmth)

Pass the brass knuckles then we break his jaw

When I'm on the microphone I want silence

Let KRS-One stop the violence

Ain't no rivals ain't no competition

Punk, I'm beatin ya into submission

I'm gettin busier than ever before

Never more will I'll slack I'ma keep it real raw

Eat ya up like a pack-jam

Video is poppin over a Batman

Rippin you to shreds, tappin you on the head

Then leave the battle lookin as happy as a newly wed

Give me a tech-nine to spray

Save the peep and put it on law-away

I'll make a mailman spin and send a jam the fans will understand

Feel ya weep about the murdergram"

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Yeah Hieroglyphics got some great punchlines, I love this verse that Pep Love did on "Fight Club":

"I paint pictures with my scriptures

it grabs ya and it grips ya

and takes ya on adventures to dimensions I can't

even begin to explain

I tantalize your senses with sentences

since it's senseless to attempt this

my plan to rise is endless

i'm generally known to be off the hinges

with a microphone with me

ya wanna fight? come on hit me,

I ain't gon stop beating that ass until the cops come get me

refuse verbal abuse to cook your goose

I serve superb turbulence, when I get loose

the beat get battered and bruised you nerds get hit

from every direction after the herb gets lit

who wanna come? can test me now let's get down

(get on up) and get the mess beat outta you pesky clown ass

pathetic competitors won't last around

after I blast a round, at ya casket

cats get disfigured and eat a fist

f****n with this nigga when I'm pissed

and even when I'm feelin bliss

it'll be an unworthy risk

to disturb me cuz I'm impervious to the words you speak

I split nucleus's when I shoot the gift

it's ridiculous to dispute me if

you don't wanna shoot me, just watch me do my duty

my rap slaps your ear like sticks, pucks and hockey

I don't give a big f*** at all

about all your jewelry and tomfoolery

you can get the balls

if you don't wanna be cool with me we can brawl

we do it every weekend yall, at the fight club"

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I was just listening to KRS-ONE's "Mc's Act Like They Don't Know", this song is slept on, this verse is nasty:

"If you don't know me by now I doubt you'll ever know me

I never won a Grammy, I won't win a Tony

But I'm not the only MC keepin' it real

When I grab the mic to smash a rapper, girls go "Illlll!"

Check the time as I rhyme, it's 1995

Whenever I arrive the party gets liver

Flow with the master rhymer, that's to leave behind

The video rapper, you know, the chart climber

Clapper, down goes another rapper

Onto another matter, punch up the data, Blastmaster

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody

Call up KRS, I'm guaranteed to rip a party

Flat top, braids, bald heads or natty dread

There once was a story about a man named Jed

But now Jed is dead, all his kids instead

Want to kick rhymes off the top of they head

Word, what go around come around I figure

Now we got white kids callin' themselves niggas

The tables turned as the crosses burned

Remember You Must Learn

About the styles I flip and how wild I get

I go on like a space age rocket ship

You could be a mack, a pimp, hustler or player

But make sure live you is a dope rhyme sayer"

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Opio - F**ked In The Industry

Down in San Diego at the Gavin

I seen a hip hop journalist get stabbed

That sh!+ was savage

Caught him in his stomach with about 4 inches

Slapped him in the face relentless and pulled out some big sh!+

He said "look homie, you don't know me"

Put the gat to his head calm and slowly

The journalist screamin and cryin, scared of dyin

Dude mashed him in the jaw with the barrel, told him stop lying

Picked him off his knees with ease

I thought he might squeeze until I heard the Police yellin "FREEZE!"

He reached for the heavens, 11 cops split his head in a ??? (shoomy numacki)

Blood on the concrete

That's when I peaked

Dude that sanctum was a rapper

Hot cause his name got slandered

Locked in a metal case for over a decade

He thought he was invincible but now he wished that day never happened

Askin his God for forgiveness

Purgin is harder to venge this, tryin' to end this nightmare

The industry clockwork owns his whole sh!+

And warped his whole brain til he flipped out

Is that what it's about?

You talk too much u gotta gun in your mouth?

Talkin big when u little man they called you out

Shoulda kept your sh!+ shut, cuz you know how they end up

Phesto - No Man's Land

Cause you niggas are weak

immune to freakin **** surpressed 'em

quarrenteened to malpractice

but mics you need to be arrested

bribery, for your recitals that suck

dick infested, with your misconceptions

you can duck, the mic with digress and babblin'

disestablishin' the fact ya wack ass backwards destined

unimpressive, much too lacking, you divulgin'

exposin'... ya posin'

comin from no new angles

the same flows that keep us dozin'

So why resist that we the best at... what we do

when ya'll are just decoration for the recreation

fakin MC's with blatent disregard for making the bump

my patience is up

resign Heiroglyphics devine, refined

you niggas need to find an assonine that's uninclined

to rhyme confined

to mindless behind a _______

and swift about a second, if in time trying to diss

just bow and scrape

cause Souls of Mischief whippin' niggas in shape

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  • Admin

they are sum good ones ted and wes! heres a few more..

Slim kid tre from the pharcyde - runnin

There comes a time in every mans life when he's gotta

handle **** up on his own

Can't depend on friends to help you in a sqeeze, please they got problems of their


Down for the count on seven chickens ****s don't

get to heaven til they faced these fears in these fear


Used to get jacked back in high school I played

it cool just so some real **** won't get full blown

Being where I'm from they let the smoke come quicker than an

evil red-neck could lynch a helpless colored figure

And as a victim I invented low-key

til the keyhole itself got lower than me

So I stood up and let my free form form free

I don't sweat it I let the bull**** blow in the breeze

in other words just freeze

this is one of my favs from s.o.m. cant believe they were only 17 when they wrote this


In school I never used to raise my hand in class

I always knew the teacher's hand

a passing grade to me

in the back, relax

cause they wasn't kickin' facts

in facts

I never learned nuttin',


I can fool with the school system

they take facts and twist 'em

into knots, right up the block's

a spot

to get a 40

around the corner get craps,


Perhaps these is traps

to keep us tapped

saps, can buy gats

with flat-tipped bullet caps

in the locker room with no hassle

and assholes sell cracks in sacks

to class-foes & friends

cause the mass goes with the trend.


My friend

the niggas makin' ends is livin' illegal

that's the way to go

I'm out to get dough.



The education, to get you further

than murder and drugs with thugs

you're better off being a nerd.


That's absurd

life don't mean nuthin' without phat pockets

that's the only way to get paid

you tell me who profits.


"O&P: Tell me who profits?

O: I'll have G's,

P: But you'll get shot, kid (dick)!"



ya gotta wonder

why niggas plunder, kill

have ya torn a sunder

cuz I'ma build

and fill

a glass pipe full of crack

and black men's pockets be phat

a little

lets whittle the way to the core now

ya packin' a Glock

mackin' the block

fight with the cops

well, who ya takin' the risk for?

A kingpin swingin'

with the president

greasin' 'em up & givin' 'em papes

for drugs in the States

have ya dodgin' niggas and caps

he's with George & Clarence

digging golf balls out of sand traps

he's never seen Frisco or Oakland

he got a glimpse of New York

when he went to see the opera ("ahhhhhh!"

He's seventy-six, getting senile

if we live past 2-4 we're due for a stay in the penile

so see now, we polish our Berettas

but there's no boats or caine fields nowhere in the ghetto


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2Pac - They Don't Give A **** About Us

I'm seeing it clearer

Painting a picture in the mirror

They claim we inferior

So why the **** these devils fear ya

I'm watching my nation die

Genocide and cause

Expect a bloodbath

The aftermath is yours

I told you last album

We need help cause we dying

Give us a chance

Help us advance cause we trying

Ignore my whole plea

Watching us in disgust

And then they beg when my guns bust

They don't give a **** about us

2Pac - The Good Die Young

It was more than a tragedy

Emotions be grabbin' me

Plane fell from the sky

We tryin' to figure what happened

Burnin' churches, fearin' God

Who can be so cruel

We all ignorant to AIDS

Till it happens to you

Just be a man, make plans

Listen to your voice

A woman's tryin' to make decisions

We should leave them a choice

Cause who are we to say who lives and die

Breathes and stops

All this judgement on other lives

Needs to stop

What are we livin' for

Givin' more back than takin'

On my knees still waitin' for my own salvation

Now I feel abandoned

cause Pat Buchanan say I'm greedy

You can take my taxes, send me to war

But can't feed me

It's so easy to regret things

After they done

Babies catchin' murder cases

Scared to laugh in the sun

The tragedies that we all need

Love in doses

In times like these we feel closest

The good die young

2Pac - Hellrazor

Dear Lord can ya hear me, it's just me

A young nigga tryin to make it on these rough streets

I'm on my knees beggin please come and SAVE ME

THE WHOLE WORLD done made a nigga crazy!

I got my three-five-seven can't control it

Screamin die mother****er and he's loaded

Everybody run for cover, I cause ****

Thug Life mother****er, duck quick

Now am I wrong if I am don't worry me

Cause do or die gettin high til the bury me

Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why

Little girl like LaTasha, had to die

She never got to see the bullet, just heard the shot

Her little body couldn't take it, it shook and dropped

And when I saw it on the news I see busta girl killin 'Tasha

Now I'm screamin **** the world, in the end

it's my friends, that flip-flop

Lip-locked on my dick when my **** drop

Thug Life mother****er I lick shots

Every nigga on my block dropped two cops

Dear Lord can ya hear me, when I die

Let a nigga be strapped, ****ed up, and high

with my hands on the trugger, Thug nigga

Stressin like a mother****in drug dealer

And even in the darkest nights, I'm a Thug for Life

I got the heart to fight now

Mama raised a hellraiser why cry

That's just life in the ghetto, do or die

2Pac - Part Time Mutha

Meet Cindi, she's twenty-two, lives right on the dope track

Used to be fat now weighs less than a Tic-Tac

Now what's that say about, this big epidemic

This hypocritical world, and the people in it

Now speaking of in it Cindi loved to get buckwild

**** with a smile single file she'll bust nuff styles

That would be cool, if she was your lover

But **** that, Cindi was my dope fiend mother

Welfare checks never stepped through the front door

Cuz moms would run to the dopeman once more

All those days, had me fiending for a hot meal

Now I'm a crook, got steel, I do not feel

So don't even trip, when I flip, with my thirty-eight

Revenge is a bitch, and my hit shake the murder rate

Word to the mutha, I'm touched

When moms come by, niggaz hush or get rushed

Maybe one day she'll recover

But what will it take, to shake, or break

My part time mutha

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