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Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

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Good to hear people are enjoying the movie. I've also heard that the dialogue wasn't the best, but the general plot (which has long been predetermined, but it's nice to see it actually play out) and the action scenes make it a must see.

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It even made me appreciate Episodes I and II more because they kind set everything up.

I just got back from seeing Episode III and I was just blown away by all of the action in the movie. I would agree that some of the dialogue left a little to be desired but it gets lost in the fact that you're completely amazed with the action and special effects.

I actually liked Episodes I & II and after now seeing Episode III, I can fully understand why George Lucas chose this route to tell the rise & fall of Anakin Skywalker. You will fully appreciate Episodes I & II once you see Episode III. I really liked the ending and how it sets you up for Episodes IV-VI.

Star Wars Episode III was the movie I've been waiting 22 years for and trust fam, it did not disappoint. The movie is mind-blowing!!!


:thumb: :thumb:

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Anyone can safely say that this will probably be the biggest movie of the year! Especially since people in L.A. and New York City are selling bootleg copies of the movie on DVD for $5 just one day after it came out! It's all over the news!

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yea...I haven't seen it yet, but a friend called me for some comp tickets. I felt bad, because I couldn't get him any, cuz ppl were sitting in lawn chairs outside AMC just to get tickets waaay before the theatre even opened...

I don't care 2 watch a movie when its jam packed with ppl...i like when its half full... Glad u guys liked it... and Im sure I will too from the input. thx :thumb:



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Revenge Of The Sith broke the 4-day box office record with $158.5 million. It also became the 3rd fastest movie to reach $100 million behind Spider-Man and The Matrix Reloaded.

It will be interesting to see what kind of legs it will have over the next several weeks. I'm still thinking it finish somewhere around the $450 million mark.

There were so many things that came to me after I saw the movie. In a sense, the prophecy about the "chosen one" bringing balance to the Force eventually happened when Darth Vader killed the Emperor in Return Of The Jedi.

There are so many other revelations but I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet.

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I thought it was the best SW movie by far, too bad Windu didn't kill the emporer, he dominated the fight, obviously couldn't kill him, needed him in following episodes

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Well, I have never been a Star Wars fan and I haven't even seen the original Star Wars trilogy. Infact, I saw Episodes 1 and 2 only two weeks back, when a channel aired them to hype the release of 3. I saw them only because I liked the Clone Wars cartoon series a lot but I didn't know who exactly the characters were. But sadly the two movies were just horrible. I really had to push myself to see them because they were absolutely pathetic. That's why I didn't even feel like going to episode 3. But a freind of mine, who is a big Star Wars fan, literally dragged me to watch the movie.

And I must say that I was expecting the same disappointment as in 1 and 2. Because in the previous two films, the CGI characters were portrayed in such a manner that it seemed like a bad hamming sequence all the way. The entire sequel was filled with monotonous dialogue delivery by all the real actors. The acting was terrible and the storyline was just plain sad. Natalie Portman was just embarassing herself with her emotion-less speeches. Hayden Christensen was annoying while trying to be a pretentious rebel and play out a so-called mean streak. And Ewan was like a lost robot in the sequels.

But surprisingly all those were missing in Episode 3 and I really loved the movie. Natalie, even though had only a small role, genuinely managed to convey her emotions and her sadness. Infact by the end of the movie, I actually felt sad for her. Hayden completely transformed in this movie and was totally convincing as the misguided rebel and even managed to carry off the lead villain title. Ewan also suited well as a Jedi warrior and I could come to believe that he could destroy the evil cutie Grievous. The graphics were spectacular and I would as well say that it came close enough to the CGI effects in Matrix Revolutions. The storyline was much more darker and I did enjoy certain disturbing killing sequences and references. **wink-wink**. The action sequences were damn good and the last hot lava fight scene was HOT! The only thing that was irritating was the little green thingie jumping around here and there with it's cornie dialogues. But overall it was an excellent movie and I think it managed to turn me into a Star Wars fan. Now I have to start renting the old movies just to see how the saga ends.

Anyways, my favourite character in the movie was General Grievous. It was just so sweet. Especially when the poor thing was wheezing and coughing, I felt like hugging it tightly and giving it a kiss. **smooch** :hug:

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