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Hit or Miss:Wild Wild West



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The movie is querky...some people don't like that kinda humor...some people do. For being a holiday weekend blockbuster release, the movie wazn't exactly meeting the hype. I think the movie is good and i watch it about once a year. FP has talked about it not being everything it waz supposed 2 be and how he felt bad that all the fans went out and made it number one when the movie wazn't that great. No matter how u look at it, the movie did big things when it comes 2 ticket sales, soundtracks, and toys. That's a hit 2 me.

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Wild Wild West was a case in which Will was funny and he had good chemistry with Kevin Kline but that was about it. In my mind it was a miss. WWW, along with Bagger Vance are the only Will movies that I don't have in my collection.

WWW was mediocre at best. Will made it watchable but not enough for me to buy it.

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ive said it before and i'll say it again, i love this movie! I really think its hilarious, this movie and the song was actually what got me properly into Will so it cant be all that bad.

I think i liked it so much bcoz i didnt read any reviews and it was all based on what i thought, i only found out ppl thought it was rubbish months later and i was really surprised.

EXACTLY THE SAME HERE 4 ME!!! :ditto: :thumb:

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The song's a hit, how could sampling Stevie Wonder and having Kool Moe Dee on the track along with Dru Hill be wack? However as far as the movie goes, I haven't watched that in years so I'd say it's a miss, it sucks compared to his other movies.

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I liked the movie but I could have lived without it being made. But if will did do the matrix, it would be wierd seeing him in all that leather but he would have kicked ass in the battles!!!

wait what? haha

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