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yeah but with born to reign it was more columbias decision, Will is more in control now.

We don't know whether it's all Columbia's fault or not, that's pure speculation. We don't know exactly what went down with Columbia. BWS did sell over 9 million copies and Willenium sold over 2 million in the US. We can't just start blaming Columbia when it becomes convenient. If we're willing to heap the blame on Columbia for Born to Reign, we have to heap the praise on Columbia for Willenium and BWS's success. However, as an artist's who's last 2 albums had gone multi-platinum, I'm sure Will had a reasonable amount of say in how things went with Born To Reign.

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Ok, this is how I look at it. Let's take Akon's CD "Trouble" for an example. It came up, led by the single "Locked Up", and it sold pretty mildly. Then a long long time has passed, he comes out with "Lonely", which is a HUGE hit, and he's getting 40,000 sales a week nowadays. The album has been out for 45 weeks, and it's still in the Top 20. Even if Will lets "Tell Me Why" come out later, and it happens to be the big hit we all dream of it to be, there is still a solid chance that Will's sales will do like "Trouble" is doing. Let's not lose faith yet, guys. :afro:

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whether we like it or not another single isnt going to be released while switch is doing well. It never happens and im sure there is a reason for that. I dont know what your situation is like in the US, maybe it is time to release tell me why over there, but i know its not gonna get released over here yet. It would be a big mistake to do so.

From songs ive heard in the past, generally when the next single is released they pretty much stop playing the previous one and focus on the new one. This is about switch as a single and its success and releasing tell me why, i feel will decrease its sales.

I know lost and found is so much more important than switch, but i have every faith that L&F will sell. Switch took a long long time to catch on and i think so will the album and long term sales make big sales.

Remmember Will said switch is the anaethesia before he hits them with the cold water and damn tell me why is gonna hit them hard.


Ur right, maybe Switch doing very good there and here in germany, too! But not in US, but ok I think it's ok to wait a bit more before releasing Tell Me Why! Right now keep switchin'!!! :switch:

By the way, here's a party 2morrow, it'll be 2morrow or saturday and till monday, so they'll play Switch for sure because this party is every year and until now they always played sumthin' by Will and so I think they'll play this year again! I'll let ya guys know how it was and how many people enjoyed Switch and all that... Cya! Peace and out! :peace:

And it's really nothing to stress over because there's nothing we can really do about it. All we can do it talk. Will makes the ultimate decision. It's not going to stop me from playing them in the whip though.

Yepp 4 sure! We can't do anything there but I think Will will make the right decision tho'! :thumb:

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