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Lil Romeo, Nick Cannon - Parents Don't Understand

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I've seen the video. It sucks!!! JJFP should sue Lil' Romeo & Nick Cannon for defamation of a classic hip-hop track! That was straight garbage.


:werd: I don't know why they had to remake that, they were awful, it was so corny. :poke:

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I saw him premier the video on MTV and BET. He actually gave props 2 it appriciated seeing other people recognize his work. In fact, i have his 106 + Park appearance on tape somewhere. Just cuz people don't like Nick Cannon dosen't mean they have 2 make up what they saw on TV...which is dangerous since millions of other people have seen it and can point out when they make things up 2 sound good 4 their own best interest. :whistle:

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