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Lost & Found remix


Which artist should do a remix to the L&F track?  

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  1. 1. Which artist should do a remix to the L&F track?

    • Rakim
    • Jay-Z
    • Mos Def
    • LL Cool J

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Why do Jay and LL have more votes than Mos Def... This doesn't make any sense. We are talking about the Lost and Found track, right... come on guys.

It's a popularity contest, probably not a lot of us heard much of Mos Def, they don't know what they're missing, he's a dope mc! :poke:

Lol, well I guess that's better than people knowing who Mos is and is about and choosing Jay and LL anyway. But still... I shed a single tear for people not knowing who Mos Def is... :poke:

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I really don't want to get into it and I'm not going to argue with you, but I would advise you not to make such remarks. They can be very divisive and may offend people on this forum.

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Anyway back on topic here I'd have to say that I'd have to throw in a couple wildcards here for the "Lost & Found" remix, I think Kel Spencer deserves a shot to do a remix with Will, he co-wrote a few tracks for Will in recent years and I think it'd be only fair for him to get some shine.

And I know Tim's gonna like this idea, I think Pep Love should do the remix with Will, he's the most conscious mc on the underground hip-hop scene, I've been hooked to his "Ascension" album ever since Tim introduced it to me a few months ago, check out these lyrics from "Ascension":

"(Pep Love)

Here we here we go

This place

Let's go

Yeah the passing on

Experience amassing

The last thing known

Of the everlasting tongue

My raps are forecasting

The rapture that shall capture

Vast things of fascination

Exasperation of an entire nation

Causes inflammation

We master masons

Paper chasin, brick layin

And playin the game

That we was placed in

From the beginning

To the end ya know

Living is learning

So how could you pretend to know

What you don't

Cause you won't

Benefit from it

I'm infinite

And that's only an increment

Of my elevation

To a higher plane

I contain information

And spread it the same

Apotheosis occurs

When I drop these

Doses of words

Over musical notes

With an impulsive urge

On the verge of a breakthrough

Symbols of sound vibrate the ground

Like earthquakes do

Energy surges

Death to my enemies

Service of justice

Poetical purges of tyrants

I rinse the world of the virus

Like this

Living my life with vibrance

And radiance

On the way to the next apex

Is platinum plaques

And packed stadiums


Chorus (2x):

I'm on another plane

Runnin a game

We all one and the same

Come with me

I'll show you what you won't believe

And you can be what you want to be


Bigger things, other places

Dimensions, ascension

Where do we go from here?

Ahh yeah

I'll take you there

With this one, listen

Attention, attention

This is ascension

And it would be

Even if I didn't mention it

War, peace, love and hate

The very nature of it all

In a fallen state

It's unclear at best

And if I told you it'd probably

Go in one ear

And out the next but don't fear

We questin to answer questions

Advance to the next progression

Or learning another lesson

Believe it or not

I'm walking on air

And ahh yeah

It feels good

Even if not understood

It's all to the greater purpose

I get subterranean

And rise to the surface

Evolving and revolving

Around the sun

We are men, women and children

Buildin, never yieldin

We livin in killin fields

And are weapon wieldin

Until the void is filled in

Steppin over corpses

Through this metamorphosis

That life offers

A twist of fortune is

The very reason

Every season

Changes and the angels

Sing to the strangers

We trailblazin

Hell raisin

Amazing tales

Of spirit, energy

Physical integration

Me and my niggaz are vigorous

In the days when we headed

To the place where time and space end


Chorus (2x)"

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I bet the ones that voted for Jay-Z probably never heard much of Rakim's stuff, he's one of the most conscious mcs to get on the mic, Jay-Z can't compare to what Rakim has done, btw, LL is as versatile as FP is on the mic I don't think there's a song that LL can't do, he could drop some knowledge on the track, but it's great as it is already.

oh i voted for jay z, and i have heard rakim's stuff, Jay z does the same what every other rapper u name does, talk about his life, clamin he ain't good enough, whats jay z done that rakim hasnt, became a preisednt of def jam/roc a fella, succesfull clothing line, roc a wear, successfull platnuim albums, part owner of a new york sports team,

Jay z is an inspiration to me, and i think a will smith jay z track would be great to hear, just because jay z doesnt spit as much knowledge as LL, Rakim, etc, because he makes his life, all rappers are writing a story to tell us, and hip hop is the greatest forms of story telling ever, whoever u hear in hip hop, somehow and someway they are telling you a story about what happened to them, what happened to a friend, etc,

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Rakim was one of the 1st ever mcs to release a platinum album, he opened doors for Jay-Z and Jay-Z has prospered and is a smart buisiness man, but everybody's different, Rakim wants to be on the low, he doesn't wanna be an entrepeneur, he just wants to make albums, and I don't feel that it's right that no label signs him 'cause he's a pioneer and the pioneers should get more respect in this game than they get! btw, I don't judge's Will's or any rapper's talent off of how much money they make, 'cause a lot of the pioneers never got the type of money they deserved for originating this hip-hop, they should be presidents of labels, it should be like sports, all the hall-of-famers have front office positions waiting for them after retirement. Nelly owns part of the Bobcats but I don't think that does anything to help has rap skills, Jay-Z has more skills than him, but I just wanted to make a point there, don't judge a book by it's cover. Funkmaster Flex is making more money than Jazzy Jeff, but does that make him a better DJ? :confused3:

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