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Lost & Found remix


Which artist should do a remix to the L&F track?  

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  1. 1. Which artist should do a remix to the L&F track?

    • Rakim
    • Jay-Z
    • Mos Def
    • LL Cool J

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I'd love to see LL do a track with FP since he's my 2nd favorite mc but I chose Rakim 'cause the 18th Letter deserves to get some shine again and a remix with FP would help him out a lot, but of course if I had it my way I'd have LL and Rakim on the remix.

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Definately Jay-Z! I love his music n i think it wud sound hot if he did the L&F remix with Will :antlers:

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Rakim, no doubt. After all, FP mentions him in the track. Rakim fits right in on the track. LL needs 2 do a track with FP, but i don't think is the track 4 him. I think it's funny that so many people voted 4 Jay-Z...cuz on the real, Jay-Z fits some of the qualities that FP talks about when it comes 2 being lost.

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I bet the ones that voted for Jay-Z probably never heard much of Rakim's stuff, he's one of the most conscious mcs to get on the mic, Jay-Z can't compare to what Rakim has done, btw, LL is as versatile as FP is on the mic I don't think there's a song that LL can't do, he could drop some knowledge on the track, but it's great as it is already.

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I voted for Jay For 1 Reason....Reasonable Doubt. He was ILL back when, and I know he still has that in him, some where. just needs someone to unleash it.

Don't get me wrong, i'd love to hear him work with the others, but i think a jayz/will smith collab would be interestin.

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Basically every album Rakim has dropped is a classic, "Reasonable Doubt" is Jay-Z only legitamate classic, Will needs to work with legends like himself not inconsistant mcs 'cause he's a legend and Jay-Z ain't on their level, even though he doesn't suck as bad as most rappers now, he's retrired now anyway. Mos Def only released 2 albums in 6 years. even though they're both hot, he has to put more work in. I wouldn't mind if Jay-Z or Mos Def did a song with Will but I'm anticipating a collabo with LL and Rakim more than those 2.

btw, these lines could be used to diss Jay-Z:

"Truck with rims, check

Champange Bottles, check

Throwback jerseys, check

Lots of models, damn that's the list for 90% of your videos and songs

Am I wrong?"

That's actually online towards what Nas said in "Ether"

"Y'all deal with emotions like bitches

What's sad is I love you 'cause you're my brother

You traded your soul for riches"

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