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Hi out there.

I got a question

I need to ask somebody!

Why is it that when ya'll see me at the party?... (hell no, heard that song too often :hilarious: )

So, my real question is a different one:

I'd like to know, which songs and especially which lyrics are written by Will Smith himself!? :confused3:

There are some songs, I'm relatively sure about but these are only a few.

I got all of the JJFP an Solo Albums but somehow the booklets don't answer my question.

So got anybody a list or even a clue on his own?

Thx for the help !!! :bowdownslow:

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if you see a lennie bennett in the credits its kel spencer if you see a nasir jones in the credits its nas.. if you see a d.lewis in the credits its mad skillz and if u see a lonnie lynn in the credits its common..now they are the only writers wills worked with so if u dont see those names its all will :peace:

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