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Semi Finals FrshPrnceCharmng vs WILL IS ILL

Da Brakes

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This is it kid your destiny's been chosen

This battle's your defeat thats about to be woven

I came here set stone and I came here cocked back

My rhymes are custom made, yours are off rack

Will is ill? Your prescription is total defeat

You can't run this marathon, go home and play skeet

I reign around here, instilled in you is fear

My rhymes are so frsh don't care if it's queer

I can't be held to blame you stepped in here freely

Will is Ill but after this you'll be more than just queasy

You'll have an ulcer having to follow me

Wouldn't wish it on you but that's how it is B

Your will must be ill, it's about to be shattered

You can have your turn, you can act like it matters

Bring down the Prnce kid, lead the coup d'etat

Nah, it won't happen chalk another for me, who'da thought

Good luck sir.

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This isnt the end, you'll hear me over and over like Nelly

Unlike you, i dont pee on girls like i was R.Kelly

You say i got mine off the rack, when i found yours on the shelf

You only got to round three cause you voted for yourself

Im so good, you couldnt beat me even if you cheated

Not even half way through my rhmye and they know your defeated

Your rhymes arent fresh, and you said they were queer

Do you think im jealous that you take it in the rear?

Im not a magician but ill make you disappear

If you dont get my message ill make it crystal clear

You rhymes suck, and you have no flow

Expand your vocab, its not of quality although

You wished me luck, and your wish was granted

My words are perfectly align, when your words are slanted

You try so hard to attack me like i was your prey

I'll pretend to be nice, like i give a f*ck what you say

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