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what's up numero uno


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I can feel it in the air tha hatin from all you haters ova there

You givin me tingles up down my spine i can feel tha hatin wit yo piercin eyes

Um like superman um a man of steel i dont need no clark kent you can tell um real

Its a chip on both of my shoulders and i wish sombody would try me ill squash you like a bolder

This is just a introduction of of tha one they call p.key

Um leavin my lyrics on yo screen for all tha realist to see

Lil flip stole my name um tha freestyle king messin wit me a git you zipped up if you nawmean

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i battle alot now cuz i lost the first round

not now cuz im texas chainsaw massacre bound

thats right, it means im straight up killin any fool that stands

once i hit the trans the shook niggas wet they pants

this aint no diss, dont get me wrong dude

but if you test i can leave you done up like cooked food

and thats tha game im layin, yeah im pimp Jiggy

i slap any mc that think he either pac or biggie

do you fall in that category, i hope not

cuz numero uno need originality, and if you dont fall in that slot

take yo butt to comptongame.com and rep yo block

and if you didnt know me im from tha R.O.C.

Royal Oaks Clicc biatch follow me?

welcome, to the numero uno battle forum in the world. :afro:

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Look dont make shoot you down and yell timber

Cuz um straight S.W.A.T. Shootin Wit A Temper

Um a angry rapper from tha derrty south

You better watch how you speak to before i strike you out

Strike 1 was wen you didnt speak of my royalty

Bring me rings and sing like dem boyz II men and get down on bended knee

Strike 2 was wen you started to act foolish and tryna test my gangsta

I told you um from tha south and i dont fu!k wit wankstas

Strike 3 i can give it to you later

You tryna represent tha R.O.C. Wen you aint no G

Um a gangsta please dont test me again

I hate to roc you and bring this to a end.

Holla....... Ahhhhhhhhhh R.O.C.

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