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Switch & Summertime at Nokia Urban Music - Videos

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Ok guys here are my two videos from the Nokia Urban Music Festival on 16th April 2005. They are not very good quality for two reasons -

1. I don't have the equipment to rip stuff from tv to my computer. I filmed the video off my tv with my digital video camera.

2. I only have dialup so I can't upload huge files, so they are less than 5mb each, although they took 30 mins each to upload.

I know they are in no way comparable to other videos I've got from this site (thanks to Tim, Brakes, JamesUK, Max, Typhoon, Julie etc) but they are the best I can do!

I only did them so people can get a taste of what the show looked like... I hope you enjoy them :thumb:

Switch Video

3 minutes 15 seconds, 4.77mb

Summertime Video

3 minutes 17 seconds, 4.79mb

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