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Switch getting more spins on the radio


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I've heard it a bunch of times lately on Boston's pop station, Kiss 108 (kiss is a pretty popular radio station name, huh), but that might just be b/c he's performing at their annual Kiss Concert this year. I've never heard Switch on the hip hop stations tho. But I guess that's pretty much the norm.

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I been hearing it on Mix 96.1 which is pop station. But yeah never heard the hiphop stations play it. I guess all the so called hiphop station plays gangsta rap. :angel:

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17 WILL SMITH Switch 4098 3321 777 29.442

switch has got an additional 777 spins this week..at this rate Will is gonna be in the top 10 songs played on pop radio by the end of the week..

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I see it quite a bit on music channels, and hear it on the radio every so often. I'm always playing L+F but theres nothing like hearing or seeing it when you don't expect it! It came on at my friends party last week and i got up and was like "c'mon! Switch with me people!!" lol needless to say i got a few strange looks! But everone knew the song and was doing "OOH LA LA LA!" and "HEEEEEEY" so i was happy!

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