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FPOBA soundtrack?

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air soundtrack dosen't really have songs from the show. It's really just a dope mixtape of the best Hip-Hop + R-N-B from that era in time (1990-1992). Here's the tracklisting.

1. JJ+FP - Yo! Home To Bel-Air (Remix)

2. Joe Public - Live And Learn

3. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative

4. R. Kelly + Public Announcement - She's Got That Vibe

5. JJ+FP - Summertime

6. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Mistadobalina

7. Salt 'N' Pepa - Start Me Up

8. JJ+FP - Ring My Bell (Mr. Lee Remix)

9. Guy - Her

10. Tevin Campbell - Strawberry Letter 23

11. Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin'

12. House of Pain - Jump Around

13. De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

14. Hi-Five - She's Playing Hard To Get

15. JJ+FP - The Things That U Do (Remix)

16. Cookie Crew - Brother Like Sister

17. Jodeci - Come And Talk To Me

18. Color Me Badd - Adore Me Amor

Those are honestly some of my favorite songs of all time. The only songs i wazn't familiar with when i got it waz the ones by Young Disciples and Cookie Crew. A few references 2 the show could be that there waz that line in one show that FP says "he's the guy that revealed the Color Me Badd waz white"...ha ha. And that Tevin Campbell played Lil' T on that episode where he goes out on a date with Ashley.

The soundtrack waz only released somewhere overseas by Jive back in 1992. The album cover has a pic from the 1st season of the whole family. It also says "FEATURING: DJ Jazzy Jeff + The Fresh Prince" but "Fresh Prince" is also tacked on 2 "of Bel-Air." Inside the insert is the famous pic of FP in yellow and pink geat posing in a chair with Geffory pouring tea from a kettle in2 a sports/water bottle that says "Fresh Prince" on it. The back cover of the insert has a pic of FP jumping with a basketball in front of a multi-colored backdrop (very early 90's). The back cover has the tracklisting and a small pic of JJ+FP from the Homebase photoshoot. It's cool 2 see the ultra bright shoes and socks they are wearing that match their jackets. The pic is hilarious, FP is holding a basketball away from Jazzy, who is posed in a really rediculous way 2 block him, with his hands way up in the air.

This CD is pretty rare but not impossible 2 come across.

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I could think of a better Album. Off the top of my head.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The humpty Dance

Back to Life

I got the power

Tom Jones (loved by anyone)


Shabba ranks - mr lover man

Thats the most I can think of right now.

Yeah that's what I thought it would be... but I guess I was wrong. In the episode when Ashley gets a career in singing and she sings that song called "Make Up Your Mind" I really liked that song and I was hoping it would be on a FPOBA soundtrack, but I guess not.

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I won that cd on eBay yesterday!! Hopefully I'll get it soon!! :D Did she only make one album? Cuz I heard she made another one but I haven't seen it anywhere on the interent or in stores...

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