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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Forum

Round 1 willreign vs FrshPrnceCharmng

Da Brakes

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breaking down in new reythem in my blood

hurt u so bad u will scream "Oh my God"

the pain from my lyrical attack will be painful

and wining in this battal it way to cool

im crul and bad and you are so dead

you will limp in the end and I will call you Fred

that what I said that right and finish you I might

all right u know me so be sure ill give a good fight

aiighttt a slight chance for you 2 win? NEVER

even if you'll b the last dinazor named Denver

this board is off the limit for ya dude

now i'm bad that makes me feel good

you should pack your stuff and leave today

and if you don't have nomething good to say...

then don't say nuttin'... then don't say nuttin'...

good luck man...

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Call me Fred go ahead 'cause I'll rip you to pieces

Your mom won't recognize you nor nephews or nieces

I'll scream "Oh my God, I killed him! Please rest his soul Jesus."

You won'treign because I found out your weakness

You need to think but my rhyme flows like a faucet

I'll be real and be honest, bury you with no conscience

My pen is mightier than your sword

I don't need no awards

You stepped in my world and you played the wrong chords

There ain't no need for no hooks

Just my words made you shook

Thoughts come out Frsh like Old Spice

Thought you could win son that's no dice

You got picked and then burned like head lice

Won't find you in movies with director comentaries

Tomorrow they'll find you in 'rap battle obituaries'

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