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Thats all good but its still gonna be the same people over there!

that what i was thinkin 2. but surprisingly, 90% of the people r really nice and agree that the last board sucked and they think it's time 4 a change. i was pleasantly surprised when i went over there. however, i don' t think i'll be spending 2 much time over there cuz this is the ultimate board and i dont have enough time 2 invest in 2 different boards.

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I hope one of the "games" is throw the eggs at the bit(hes where you get to thorw a egg at all the people mentioned in mr. nice guy

yeah, I would love to throw eggs at Wendy Williams :kekeke:

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lol!! That would be so funny!! :hilarious: The only problem: it could spark up another problem between Eminem and Will...then there will be a track called "Mr. Niceguy: Part 2" on his next album!

Or "No more Mr. Nice Guy"

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