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Will and MTV Africa

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Guest Guest_diehardwill

I thought y'all know that Will's gonna launch mtv africa today (20th april) in johannesburg, SA. he's gonna perform alongside ludacris and a couple of other african acts.

all through the month, mtv over here's been airing his videos like crazy. it's a good chance to do a little publicity for 'lost and found' too. too bad i live in Nigeria, that's west africa. he's definitely gonna rock South africa no doubt.

anyways, on monday (18th), there was a themed Will countdown on mtv base africa and it was fun seeing 10 videos from Will all at once. here they are in descending order:

10. wild wild west

9. 1000 kisses

8. freakin' it

7. just cruisin'

6. men in black

5. gettin' jiggy wit it

4. miami

3. so fresh

2. summertime (i thought that should have been #1!)

1. switch

do y'all agree with the listing? :thumb:

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