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Yeh anytime seeing Will & Jeff on stage together is ace, just thought they'd have shown alittle more.

Still it was good to see De La Soul on there to.

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to jonny5 that was his nephew (i dunno how to quote)

from what ive seen noones said anything about Common he was easily the second best there.

he was so lively for sumone who raps like he does

plus how has Akon got so big over here everyone was screaming for him i mean hes good but he aint been doing it for long.

plus faith evens sutainly got everyone on there feet with "love like this"

plus for those who went did u see any famous peeps walking around or in interviews cause i was hoping to get an album cover signed but had no luck.

the only one i saw up close was blak twang and thats the only album cover i forgot to take.


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I taped it yeh, i'll chcuk it to PC later and Tuesday try sending it on you send it if someone wants to pass on some advice n how to use it.

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