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Lost and Found has sold more than 686, 086 Copies


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The sales have been pretty solid so far. It is good to see his sales go back up after Born to Reign didn't sell well. I believe that once "Tell Me Why" is released, the album sales will really pick up. The release of "Party Starter" will also help sales. The fact that there are so many strong songs on this CD means that it will probably consistently sell for a while and not tail off. It is pretty likely that it will go platinum.

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The choice of great singles on this album leave its future sales looking very promising to me.

:werd: You can't really go wrong in what single to pick next 'cause this album's stacked with hits! :chuks:

sorry to be negative but i think it doesnt matter how great the songs are people still wont buy it even if they do like all the songs they still wont buy it

i cant figure it out how people will say Hey candy shop is pretty good im gonna go buy the massacre but will go hey switch tell me why mr nice guy party starter and lost&found r awsome but im not buyin that cd

People buy 50 for the "hip hop culture" aspect of the music, not for the music itself. It's all about image.

But there is plenty of time to see how it sells and for sales to pick up... Plenty of time...

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People buy 50 Cent's albums not 'cause he's hip-hop, he's a pop star that's on tabloids like Britney Spears, Will's gonna have to rob a bank like he said in "I Wish I Made That" to sell 10 million again. :hilarious:

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I think will can still sell 10 million.....he only need better beats....thats it....the music have to sound good....nobody looks at the lyrics....that is what I guess...

thats a shame....

Well Im sorry to say you are right. The beats today are very important and Jazzy would be needed as hell.

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:werd: Ppl buy albums not for the music it's the story that they read in the tabloids. Like 50 and the Game that "beef" they had. They both sold more album cause ppl believe the hype of that. Beanie Sigel has never did anything great but the reason why his album sells is cuz he got acquided of attempted murder charges. It's real sad that real HipHop artists aren't getting any air play buz of idiots like them are filling up the air-ways. And it's funny nobody mentions that 50 is bitting LL's style but ppl say Will is copying 50 style. :blabla: It's like WHAT THE ****???

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