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Favorite Will Songs

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[font="Arial"][color=blue]HEY welcome to the board DefCEM :angel:

I knew some one else loved Chasing Forever, besides me. I KNOW that Miss Jada loved it...hehe :biggrin:

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Chasing Forever is still my fav track!!! it reminds me to a girl...
that song is so powerful and lyrically really deep just like Caught in the middle from homebase.
My fav JJFP tracks are Summertime, Caght In the middle, jeff waz on the beat box, He's the DJ, I'm the rapper, Rock the house, jazzys groove, brand new funk,... i think all Will and JJFP trax are my fav!!!! they're all so perfect!!! i could hear them all day long, everytime and everywhere!!!
Wills and jeffs music is sooooo true and open for everybody, every kind of person!
I listen to them when i've got problems in my life, i listen to them when i'm happy or sad...
And it makes me happy to see them together on stage after a long time!!!
I just want them to keep it real and true. its important for me and i think also for all of you, that they make music from their heart. theres such a big difference between all the other artists and JJFP. theres an unknown magic behind their music, which keeps me listening to it everyday. my friends just can't understand how i'm able to listen to Will and jeff every day. their music is just so perfect.
i don't find the words to explain what i wanna say, i think thats impossible coz feelings are really difficult to explain.

JJFP Forever!
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Ahh now we switchin to JJFP tracks...

JJFP tracks:

1. "I'm Looking for the One(to be with me)"
2. "Boom! Shake the Room"
3. "Summertime"
4. "I'm All That"
5. "Jazzy's Groove"/"Brand New Funk"

Will Smith tracks:

1. "Yes Yes Y'all"
2. "Just Cruisin"
3. "Will 2k"
4. "Miami"
5. "How Da Beat Goes On"/"Give Me Tonite"
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Chasing Forever is a dope song...that song and U Got It Bad from Usher are me and my girl's song when we wanne get romantic :kekeke: !!
So yeah i like it!!

Other songs that are my fav:

Just Cruisin
Holla Back
Don't Say Nothing
Big Willie Style
So Fresh
Born To Reign
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