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Will Smith's Big Willy Mistake

Will Smith has claimed he boasted about the size of his manhood by mistake.

The singer-turned-actor said he called his 1997 album 'Big Willie Style' because in America it means he is the man in charge.

However, he said he didn't realise that in Britain this means he is well-endowed.

But the Independence Day star said he doesn't worry about the blunder because his big manhood boast "isn't unfounded". He said: "The Big Willie is somebody who's basically running the show, the guy who's in charge. I didn't realise it meant something else in England.

"But no bad thing? Hey, the truth is the truth."

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out of those two whichever one you think BIG WILLIE STYLE means is true anyways


ewwwwwwwwww gross :eek4:

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