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Season 2

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I’m not sure when it will be released yet. It is coming. Next year the latest.

thats the official word!

Hey thanks for the info. Damnnn thats a long wait! Guess i'll just have to keep watchin' Nick @ Nite till then, to get my fix in. haha.

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sup todamnfresh? u look like a big JJFP fan so i thought i'd welcome u. lucky u get 2 be a potna within ur first day!

yeah... i run my own fresh prince community. but i was fortunate enough to be a potna. awesome. and thanks for the warm welcome. this website is off the hizz, -- yeah, im a dork. i give you fair warning. :peace:

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hey tim:

how do you choose what to pin? couse this topic barely got any replies, but the one in movies about name that line has like 11 pages. i just was woundering how you choose the catagories.

(whats the catagory, its folks you look up to, the 1000 dolllar answer is upon the board, uh who is a star, eeeh sorry no score.) sorry. when i said catagories it got stuck in my head.

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