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oh you comedians.

I could do with a perk up. England have just lost an important football game against Northern Ireland.

Thats a terrible result by anyones standards. We shud've battered them

Down with the Swede (and you know i don't mean you Lerkot)

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talking of the football, I honestly didn't mind England losing tonight. Should ensure people start pulling their socks up - and hopefully Sven Eriksson will be sacked...

I dont think at any point whatever state of mind our players are in that they shud be losing against oposistion like that. Whats happened to us in the last few games. We shud have been doing the pulling up of socks after the Denmark game.

They have a lot to prove to me still if they wanna be considered world beaters. Incredible talent on paper but if we dont gel then somethings gota change and maybe its the manager. I backed Sven for years but its getting that way that his Tactics are not working.

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:jada: :damnyou:

That game has me soo down at the moment.

I hope after this game the sven will stop changing tactics before everygame and during games, it's not surprising some players didn't know what they were supposed to be doing

Sack The Swede !!

oh and jonasdk, England won the game that matterd at the last world cup :pony:

and lerkot take a look at the players england have there's no way are players suck.

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