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Well Russell Simons has said that Will Smith is the most sucessful rapper to date... music, movies, etc... However, what is his standing in record sales? 8 Albums, and the jury is still out on Lost and Found. Where does he stand among other rappers?

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I would agree that Will is the most successful rapper. True other artists have sold more records but that because Will had other things to do. Will is the only rapper to go to tv and it became the #1 tv show, then from tv to movies and have a lot of box office hits and not to mention he has wrote a children's book that had sum great reviews. I'm like Queen Latifah had "Living Single" LL Cool J had "In Da House" But the only one that is aired in 19 different countries is FPoBA. :angel: Will isn't the Fresh Prince he is more like the Fresh King :angel:

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