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my signed jjfp cds

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Very cool!!

When i saw JJ+FP at that MTV special during the summer of 2002, my friend actually talked 2 Jeff at the after party and he said after the party cooled out, he waz gonna hang out 4 a minute with us and sign something 4 me. However, the other person with us HAD 2 go home as soon as we could get them there. On the drive home, my friend told me this. I wigged out and would have turned the SUV around if we hadn't been driving 4 so long.
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[quote=TheFre$hPrince,May 11 2004, 09:25 AM]U met Jeff? Or did u just received them with autographs[/quote]
naa i got Vee, Pauly Yamz and Jazzy Jeff to sign my magnificent cover :afro:
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