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my music final pt. 2

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for my final on big will I need to know how he got his big break and who gave him his first record deal(what company)

if anyone knows let me know

hopefully if my dad gets a pc camera soon I'll send the forum pics of my final I'm gonna make sure that it is dope!!!!!
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:grouphug: you can hear it in Dont Even Try It from the first album-

Hopefully I found domeone who had faith
He lifted my ego back up into place
His name was [color=red][u]dana goodman[/u] [/color](CHILL!) he thought the song was on track
So two weeks later it was out on wax
It busted up the charts like a hydrogen bomb
Up up up it climbed climbed climbed
People eat their words that said I couldn't achieve
Now they have no choice bit to believe in me

:peace: PEACE :peace:
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