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Wills Son Can't Rhyme!?

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Will Smith is worried about his son - because his teachers think that he won't be able to rap.

Smith, who is currently in the UK to promote his new film, Hitch, was told that his son struggles with rhymes at a school parents' evening.

He explained, "I went to a parent-teacher meeting and my boy's English teacher said, 'He's struggling with the concept of rhyming and putting rhymes together'.

"And that was the night I won the MTV Award for Best Rap Performance. I was thinking, 'Wow, that's just total parental neglect!'"

Smith added, "Michael Jordan's kids can definitely play basketball. David Beckham's sons are going to be able to play soccer. But my boy can't rhyme. We've been working on it though!"

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I heard something about that. I remember a reporter ask him if trey was rapping like his daddy? Will said That trey was having trouble with his rhyming skillz. But he can hit a baseball really far. But Will also said he didn't care if trey got into rapped like him or not. Thats what he said in his song Just the two of us. But hey Trey is still young he got time to work on it. :angel: Bsides trey has a surprise for his dad at the kids choice awards. What could it be? :angel:

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No ones kids can play like their parents

first of all michael jordans son isnt good at all at bball

walter paytons son is one of the worst running backs i ever seen

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Well Im pretty sure Trey wont be as succesfull as Will... you really need to be special if you make everything fantastic, like Will. Even if Trey got his genes, its unlikely that one family can bring two or more geniuses. Trey is growing up with a superstar as dad, even if Will aint a normal star, you wont experience the same thing as Will did when he was small... you understand?

Maybe Trey should try to do opera instead :)

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