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Trey Smith on Kids Choice Award

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they slimed Will before it was so funny, he was talking to a woman and out of no-where this slime was all over him. I dont know about the kids but i thought it was funny, as long as they dont slime them in the middle of the performance, i wanna see the whole thing.

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look what i found in the live KCA blog:

8:17: He's just 12...

And already he's a pro!

8:16: Tre Smith, Will's son...

Is interviewing for "Access Hollywood" right here...

6:57: Will & Jada are heading...

Straight for Tre's mic!

6:56: Here come the Pinkett-Smiths!

How cute are those kids? Tre's gonna be reporting live tonight for "Access Hollywood." Cool gig!

6:54: Jada Pinkett-Smith is with them too!

Talk about a cool mom & dad!

6:53: Will Smith just hit the carpet...

With his kids!

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