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What Are You Listening To? IV

Da Brakes

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FP "Mr. Nice Guy", take this haters! :chuks:

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Destiny's child - Girl

Ahhh...good song!! "Cater 2 U" waz supposed 2 be the 3rd single, but i never heard it on the radio or saw a video. Did they give up on it?

Anyways, jammin' 2...

FRESH PRINCE - Could U Love Me

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Will Smith feat. Mary J. Blige - Tell Me Why

...*in my head*...

because I found out a girl I used to attend Elementary/Middle School with, was shot and died March 27th, 2005. And the strange thing is, is that on the same day our newspaper put it in, I happen to be wearing a jersey wit the #27. It's another sad occasion of this earth and I didn't "know" her, but still. So if ya could, play "Tell Me Why" one time for her. Thanks

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