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Hey guys. These are the lyrics to the song that I might do at the 'Pizza Pig Out' at our school this Thrusday. Althought, I'm having a lil trouble wit the 3rd verse. I wanna change the last few lines, but I wanted to see what everybody thought 1st.


March 23, 2005 - March 27 or 28, 2005 ©

Verse 1

I know ya thinkin' that ya know me

what I do and how I feel when I'm lonely

But check it out, I got plenty more attributes

Even had a couple girls tell me I'm cute

I love what I do, make a livin' rappin'

We come a dozen a dozen, but gettin' signed don't always happen

I hope the actions don't change if I gain some fame

and vice versa if I hurt her, then I'm takin' the blame

But my game stepped up cuz I got good intentions

Honey can calm me down and relieve the tension

Don't matter if ya black, white, blonde, or brunette

Whatever, cuz ya so fine, and I won't forget

I hope U ain't got no objection

to a guy like me showin' U affection

It's not an evil flirtation

It's just the love I got girls all around the nation

Verse 2

I love givin' y'all compliments

Unless ya man got a problem, I ain't stoppin' it

I'm just a, single man wit a Cingular

whose got a genuine mind always thinkin' of ya

Like the girl that had a stud in her nose

added to the beauty that she got from her head to her toes

Or the girl that's down to earth

puts herself 1st, but does things for others like they're off worse

And I commend that we can be lovers or friends

Do a lil bit of both cuz neither is goin end

Come on, we can slow jam thru the nite

Conversate and see what each other's like

I wanna be a smooth operator, not a daily instigator

cuz ya man don't treat ya right, always sayin "see ya later"

Str8 P-L-A-Y-A-Z

Ain't down wit that, but I got the capabilities

Baby, I hope U understand

I used to be shy, but now I'm open take my hand

U and I together, that's our destiny

To me, ya love is like Sprite, a refreshing thing

I'm talkin' bout the touch, the kiss

and layin' back, closin' my eyes as I reminisce

It's just a natural reaction

to all the females that got an attraction

Verse 3

No need to say no more, let's be like LL and Hush hush

Know where we gotta go, let's be like Paula and Rush rush

I know what ya thinkin...

that I revealed a weakness

But that ain't it, I got a desire

a burnin' in my chest, my heart is on fire

See, U can be many dangerous things

Like a nightmare to a man if ya not in his dreams

But please, don't get it twisted

Thinkin the mind of every guy is sadistic, we're all different

Having our interests in the way we connect

and, having our views in the way we respect

and, it makes me wonda "what's the type?"

Have U seen him? or maybe it's me, it just might be

Or maybe U'll continue searchin' for another

while I search for knowledge becoming a deep brotha

It'll be safe to say

That much this goes on like 'back in the day' (note: after this is where I wanna start to change)

when what we did was somewhat cool

and I remember people that was at my school

Well, some stay the same, some change

and sometimes it's hard to recall a name

But what we got is stayin' active

and can't help it, but we stayin' attracted


Everybody can listen to this song, but I feel like I'll lose my female listeners after that.

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Well, I changed it up...


"And I'll probably meet faces from around the way

That try to treat me bad or they'll be ok

Takin' that chance, makes it cool or dangerous

Bein' a regular everyday or being famous

It's funny in the way we actin'

but U know what's goin happen, I'll be back again"

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I like the change you made on the last verse, it flows well now, peeps are gonna feel it, at least the ones that respect how u feel! :kool:

Edited by bigted
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Awsome fuga(i get wut ur tryin to say dats some deep lyrics)

:clap2: :clap3: :julie: :kimmie: :multibow: :clap2:

Edited by bagotrasho
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bigted - the flow ont he other one, it just through my focus off a lil bit. But then again maybe your more right than I thought. It's really gonna drop a bomb on a lot of people because they think they know me.

bagotrash - well, my THUG LIFE compadre. thanks. That's what I was gunning for anyway.

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Well, I'd never know because it never happened. The word of another Pizza Pig Out was suppose to happen and it didn't. Either somebody mis-printed the date or they heard the wrong thing of there even being another one.

Oh well. I think I definately would've rocked it.

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