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switch not a song for families


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I almost fell out of my seat when I read this over on Will's official site.


i really thought mr. smith was a great man for not being like other artist. he didnt have to swear or talk about sex every five seconds to sell a cd. this song is so nasty i would never listen to or let my children listen to it. i was a big fan i loved every movie and song mr. smith had made but i feel he let us families down. what went wrong is everyone just ok with exposing their children to sex and to nasty lose women in music videos today? i guess so but just now this mr. smith my family is not the only family you lost the respect of with this nasty song.


crystal cunningham

houston, texas

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Who really cares? Seriously, nobody ever said FP had to make kid-friendly music. get over yourself..go listen to kids bop.

FP is 36 years old, hes 20 years older, 20 years more mature, 20 years wiser than he was when he and Jeff made Girls Aint nothin but trouble. What an idiot that guy is.

I agree! But the track or the video isn't really that bad how the guy explains tho'! I mean all that stuff with sex and so what this guy says there... :speechless:

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What kind of fantasy world this person's living in? This isn't the 1st time he's rapped about sex and girls, he's done it many times before, but unlike most rappers, he raps about it more tasteful and I don't see anything distasteful in "Switch" either that you'd find offensive, obviously this person ain't a fan, it's just a hater starting trouble. :poke: btw, isn't there some sex, violence, and language in some of his movies, if this person really got offended by that stuff, they wouldn't even watch the movie, and the kids are gonna gradually find about sex anyway when they get older, it's a way of life. :toetap:

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