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A quick L & F review

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Ok quick review. Hearing it off 64bit VH1 sound. Here is a link if anyone is interested in listening.


It's a very nice album, good diversity. I think there is a little bit for everyone on here. The peeps who like the old school freshprince, the newer Will Smith "Men in Black" stuff, and also it maintains a certain amount of street cred (hate that term) that will possibly draw in the harder edge crowd. Many folks are calling this one of the best hip hop albums to drop in a while. I prolly won't go that far, nor do I think it's the best he's ever done (still reserved by the old school JJFP albums). Still it's a huge step forward from Born 2 Reign (which wasn't bad, just not great), and perhaps the best solo work he's done (although Willenium is pretty good too). It will be nice to see this blow up.

On a final note. Will drops the F-bomb in Tell Me Why and actually I think makes the song better by driving the urgency and the message home hard. If there ever was a use for a lil profanity that was the time.

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