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Will Smith in Belgium & The Netherlands

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oooh belgium holdin it down..tieing with UK for highest chart position.. looks like JJFP will be tourin there this year

I realy hope he comes to Belgium some time..that would be dope.. I would freak out man !! :kekeke:

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Switch in the Belgian charts:


Ultratop 50: 24th (first week)

Ultratop 50: 6th (second week)

Ultratop 40 Wallonie : 38th (first week)

Jimlist 40: 17th (first week)

Jimlist 40: 5th (second week)

Prima Donna: 38th (first week)

13th (second week)

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switch was also the supervideo fore the whole week in the music factory

At Dutch TMF right ? :wiggle:

Cool, you should visit www.tmf.nl and get an ID, it's 1 sms,

so you can login and then there's the forum, go to MUSIC and you'll see

Lost and Found review HOT, by me hehe, a lot of fans liked it.

Let me know

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