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Wendy Williams

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:werd:  :ditto:  I remember Wendy did an interview with Queen Latifah. Ithink Queen was pissed at Wendy cuz she was asking her how come she never seen her with a man. And there would only one reason why she didn't have a man cuz she is gay. She kept trying to get Queen to say she was gay. I saw interview and that pissed me off. I hope he does buy the radio station and have her sent packin'. Maybe then we have a station for HipHop, Real HipHop. :peace:  :angel:

Wendy looks like a man herself. She got implants and plastic surgery to "appear" more womanly, but now she just looks like a drag queen for real. She says everyone is gay so don't believe any of it. She said LL Cool J is gay, Tyson Beckford, Usher, Method Man, Redman, Eminem, Dr Dre, Lloyd Banks, the list goes on... She also got dissed in a Pac song, b/c she said Pac was raped in jail

a quick search for her name on google shows " Hot Wendy Williams - Transsexual Porn Stars " close to the top.

Yeah I saw that too, I went on images and damn she is so ugly :poke:

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Wendy Williams has been popular since the early 90's. Mostly becuz her entire career is based off trash-talking. She basically spreads all the rumors she can. She makes fun of some celebrities, which is actually kinda funny sometimes, but she seems 2 be nicer 2 celebrities when they do interviews with her and give her attention. I doubt FP has done interviews with her, which means he's up 4 game 2 be talked about by her. Sometimes she isn't so bad, u just gotta know how she plays the game. However, i definitly think it's cool that he called her out on the track. She needs 2 be knocked in her place by Hip-Hop's Mr. Nice Guy.

Every few weeks u can see what Wendy Williams is all about on her VH-1 show. She's had other guests like Wyclef and Flavor Flav on her show.

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