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Guest Guest_javi

Lets talk about the only reason you a** went to Miami.....

is refering to his miami song?????

wow,lost and found's lyrics that i'm reading are dope!!!!!!so meaningful!!!

and about the "why" song,....he raps about how he live 11S???

i was thinking that it will be like the extraordinary "jesus walks"

but well....this is good too...

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Will was just having fun with the humptey dumptey nursery rhyme. He was addressing people who diss him by being silly about it, that's why it's so great. But basically, he saying that sooner or later, these people's careers will crumble because of their negativity and will be in such disarray that they won't be able to be salvaged.

He already threatened Wendy Williams. Lol

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Here's one off of "If you can't dance"

Now I ain't just messing with you

I got better things to do

I'm trying to help

I got a lesson for you

I know you do the best you can do

Trying to get next to boo

Then the less you do, the better

Because women equate dance with sex

They gonna see you and be like (next)

But you gone be like, 'Hey look ma!' (next)

But she gone be like, 'Uhuh pa!' (next)

Now looky here

Rule number 1, know your name

It ain't Usher, Justin, Hammer

Then we can touch ya

Rule number 2

Never do a dance you can't do

Why... stupid?

Cause you can't do it.

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Here He Comes (In the tune of Here Comes the Spider-man) "Here he comes he can rock, he can break dance and he can pop, he can rap, he can act, and if it come down to it he can scrap. Hey there, here come Big Will again...Everytime he touched the mic he closed his eyes and he hope to shine then like a streak of light intro his name they be like ahhh..."

If You Can't Dance "...my spidey senses tingling I felt somebody lookin'"

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Mr. Nice Guy

Dissed by Eminem, but did it boder him, yes but he's classy/ Big Will did another 20 mill walk right pass he

Love it!!

Just ignorant, atacking, acting ruff/ maybe then will I be black enough

Why should i try to sound like y'all sound/ that's what's wrong with the rapgame right now

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