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"Tell Me Why" Appreciation Thread


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wow this song is amazing. Ok i'll admit it i nearly cried at the first verse lol, sorry i cry at films that move me but never b4 has a song made me cry. Im such a woman.

Anyway i love the way it builds up at the end, this song is better than i expected and i expected a lot and i get goosebumps too when he says were there people in that building. I cant wait for the video!

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This will go down as a huge hit just like Where Is The Love by the BEP's

Great tune, and a turn from the the album, well placed in the middle of the CD

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I can't even describe the feeling i get when i hear this track. It's so unbelievebly good! If they would release this as a single it would go to number one in one day. It's perfect for radioplay. It would be the first number one in a long time that really has a message. The first number one where the creator has really had something important to say. It's the best song of the album.

(as usuall: sorry for my spelling misstakes)

I fully agree u man!!! The track is awesome... :thumb:

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