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JJFP Live - Webcast of South African Concert

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webcast portals

Below are the links for the 46664 South Africa Webcast. The webcast will take place at 2000hrs (SA Time)/6pm (GMT) on all portals.

Tiscali, Italy Tiscali Italy

Tiscali UK

Tiscali France

Belgacom Skynet belgium)




The 46664 Concert For Nelson Mandela to raise awareness of the growing HIV/Aids pandemic and raise funds will be webcast...

Tiscali UK has renewed its commitment to supporting Nelson Mandela's 46664 Aids charity with the live webcast of its second concert '46664 SOUTH AFRICA' on 19 March from 6pm here at www.tiscali.co.uk/46664/.


This month, not only will Tiscali webcast the event exclusively in the UK and across four major European countries, it will also provide the streaming feed to 12 other web companies around the world.

Will Smith headlines

This years concert is taking place at Fancourt, George, South Africa is one not to be missed, with international film and music star Will Smith performing and acting as Master of Ceremonies, with performances from the likes of Queen, Dave Stewart, Katie Melua, Annie Lennox, India Aria, and added bonus Mrs Smith, Jada Pinkett - not to mention some of South Africa's most prominent musicians, Mafikizolo, Mandoza, Black Sunshine and Karen Zoid among others.



Since thats a UK site I presume thats 6pm UK time.. the concert goes from 4pm -11pm in South Africa

Instructions to view the webcast!!

1. click on this link http://www.tiscali.co.uk/46664/minisite/

2. click on video

then you'll be able to view the webcast..

so thats 6pm saturday UK time/1pm EST US time

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Thanks for posting that! I doubt I'll be able to get it on my comp though.

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Guest mjwife

yeah jeff and will are gonna be performing..im sure they'll have different streams for different speeds..i wanna see you all there!

thanx tim for letting me know that jeff will be performing with will smith.l am so happy even jada pinkett will be performing with her band.

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yeah man it will be great...

now times 6pm UK Time

which is 1pm US EST Saturday..

check out this site


to work out the time in your country!

im surprised more people arent excited about this..y'all talk abouta tour..this is a live Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince show! not sum 15 mins at a movie premiere... a real show! and they'll be doin new and old tracks..and we get to see it all around the world..y'all dont wanna miss this!!!

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