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SPINOFF rumor?!

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I have been reading rumors circulating over the net (including TV Tome) and there's been talk of Will being interested in doing a spin-off series of Fresh Prince. Word is the show would be about Will and the rest of the kids having a family and career. Has anybody else heard about this? I'm just wondering. It would be cool if this were true, lol! :thumb:

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I don't think it's true. FP would have talked about it in all these promotional TV spots he's been doing. He waz smart enuff 2 end the show early while it waz still in it's prime. He's also smart enuff 2 not go back 2 do a spin off. It's been 2 long...2 much time has passed. None of the original elements of the show would be there. He's said many times that TV waz a great job but that he has no intentions of going back to it anytime soon. An FPofBA spin off is almost as bad as those ID4 sequel ideas.

A FPofBA reunion special is a great idea. Again, lack of legit sources tho.'

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