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Can't Wait to be with You

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I've been listening to this song a lot lately and I gotta admit, it's one of the deepest songs ever. I love the lyrics so much. I use to never care for this track much, but as I grow older and comin' more mature, I understand this and it's dope.

"from the mountain to the valley to the deep blue sea
all I can do is pray that you wanna be with me
I'm saying it's from my heart that's how you know that it's true
yo I can't wait to be with you"

thats some really good stuff. I know this track was recorded for Will's first wife but wow, he really ripped this song. You can just tell by listening to the emotion in his voice, that he really put hard work and really meant word for word (like he always does) in this song.
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:werd: That song's deep, but that happens when you get older man, a lot of songs that you used to think was kinda sappy actually sound good later 'cause I used to feel that way about "No More" too, but now I find that song deep too!
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I've loved "Can't Wait To Be With You" since the 1st listen. I just loved the Luther Vandross sample and the fact that FP produced such a fly beat all by himself. The lyrics always stood out 2 me. On top of that Christpher Williams waz doing his thing back then...so it waz nice having him on the hook.
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Christopher Williams' biggest album is 1992's "Changes" which i have. It's that classic early 90's Uptown Records stuff (Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Heavy D + The Boyz, Father MC). In the mid/late 90's he got in trouble 4 not paying child support but he released at least 2 other albums ...none of them which had much success.
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