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In the last 2 years or so, i havn't really gotten any new additions 2 my JJ+FP collection that got me all hyped up. But i just purchased 2 promo videos that have JJ+FP cameos. These are the coolest things i've gotten in years.

I got the Angie Stone "Brotha" video which features FP. Very cool, almost forgotten video. FP pops up from time 2 time in some smooth white cloths. He gets a lil' goofy in the end clowning with Angie. I also got the Jill Scott "A Long Walk" video. Other than being a dope song and video, there's a short bit where DJ Jazzy Jeff and his A Touch of Jazz crew on hanging on the corner. I just wanted 2 share the newest editions 2 my collection with people i know who would actually care. :sonny:

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I don't know if u can find those videos online. I'm just buying them directly from the seller.

One day soon i plan on getting the B2K video collection. I've never seen the full version of that "Girlfriend" video feat. a FP cameo.

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