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50 Cent talks on Will Smith/Eminem problems

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It sounds like a bunch of 12 year olds having a conversation.

so damn true. Well I wouldn't say 50 has Will's back...cuz how i see it it's Nas/Fat Joe/Jadakiss with Will vs. 50/G-Unit/Eminem/maybe Dre (but hes with Game and Game aint with G-Unit so I dunno).

They were basically all laughing about it. Man who was the host? Him and 50 and G-Unit all sound uneducated..buncha mush-mouths. Wait till "Mr. Nice Guy" drops. They're in for it.

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It would my computer 4ever 2 open that...and 50 Cent definitly isn't worth it.  If anyone who has listened 2 it feels like typing out the highlights, feel free 2.

I can sum it up:



****ing **** ****

**** **** ****

****er **** ****

**** ****


will smith

**** **** ****

****ing hating **** ****

n1gg4h **** ****

Really, it wasnt much to hear.

:lolsign: exactly :kekeke:

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it didn't sound like 50 was doin much dissing. Otherwise he would have gone off on Will and said **** like he sucks, this and that. It was that idiot Yayo who's always high off crack anyways. Also, the interviewer was the one who sounded real dumb. He sounded jealous as hell. He's probably ugly, fat or super skinny with no game.

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Anotha 50 post? damn ppl 1 post on 50 cent i dont think he his worth making two new topics,

PEOPLE A DISS 2 50 CENT (i was bored

50's whack can u believe that

who taught this man to rap?

he sounds like he just woke up

if he dnt shut up, i'll choke him up

i suppose it is guerilla unit is right

i cant look at 50's face, its a bad sight

and all the muscle, he had an operation

he talks too much on them radio stations

but agree to probabtion make him go away

make sure he retires, becomes a priest and prays

thats the only way hip hops gonna forgive him

but i got something to give 50

its a shame he cant sing the song i sung, its a pity

thats terrible for him coz with 18 bedrooms in one house

that would equal to about 100 rats and a thousand mice

50's gotta pay the price and it aint 50 cent

he jus give up rap, only for a little while, lets say lent

how many times did u get shot?

how many rhymes do u need to flop?

look we all know ur a disgrace to the face of hip hop

hes an idiot, i know he dropped outta school

but at what year did he drop out, grade 2? such a fool

tryin to use his mic as a tool, its a mistake

thinkin he a gangster we kno he a wankster, hes fake

he never grabbed a nine, he probably got stabbed

but with his knowledge of hip hop, plain bad

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I can´t understand why people like 50 disrespects rappers who don´t cuss or act like MACHOS.

But if 50 and all his buddies are laughing and cussing on Will,well done,cause Will is the opposite of all those ignorants playing to be gangstas.

I love Will exactly for that reason;because , like Will said, "everybody wanna be a gangsta" but him;

I like REAL hip hop, but I don´t like people who get fun saying how many niggas or cops they killed or how many girls ( bitches or hoes in their own words ) they ****ed....

Hip hop is not about killing people, smoking weed or ****ing thousands of anonymous girls...hip hop is a way of life, a way to tell stories (funnies or bittersweet ) but not a way to exalt violence or sex.

They acted like a bunch of dumbs...


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