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Will freestyling over the "How We Do" beat


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but guys,will is freestyling on this track????????????????????,because if thats true...oh my god,it's just incredible,but this could be one verse of his L&F put in this beat...can anybody put the lyrics?????hahaha one more time...Will is freestyling????????

haha yeah i know i referred to it as a "freestyle" but that would be ridiculous if he really did that outta nowhere... in ANY case, thumbs up!

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mic check and a

dont stop and a

tim westwood doin it good

big will doin his thing yo

big will yo check it

for years ive been trying to rip rhymes and get mine

and spit lines hot like lava this time

i dont got a sitcom to bother wit

or a time conflict with my sci fi hit sum

im concentrating on making hits and im

contemplating each statements wit and im

fittin em line by line teeth im grittin em

trying to find the perfect rhyming scheme

im dreaming about y'all gleaming doubt

hes back from actin hes screamin out how he practice rappin

now hes devout

every album track packs what hes about

in the past he passed with passion old fashion

boldly mashin totally crashin words up

in a disorderly fashion but back to the lab and guess what happened

kaboom ooh wee whos resilient

fresh prince was hot the movies killem em wait

hold up stop you can rebuild em

lock em back in hip hop while dudes not filmin

shocked by the film and the tv money

went from scenes with uncle phil to scenes with sonny

its hard to break free from a guaranteed 20

but its done

so come see me emcee honey

its like that yall

thats how we do it baby

big will

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ayyo i listened to the WHOLE show, he also rapped "Girls aint nuttin but trouble" "Party Starter" "Pump Ya Breaks" and luda is on the track hes at the begining if u listen closley, it was a great show, all out big will ripped, my m8 who's into to rap like ja rule n people like that, and a huge grin to this freestyle....it was tyte all out...big wills defitnely hittin em in the UK BIG!!!! haha

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