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I have a Will video clip and some pix!


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yeah i will try and get it up, i recorded it on my digicam but its on the tape, so i have to convert it to the memory stick b4 i can get it on my comp, then i prob have to send it to Tim over msn. It might be the weekend b4 i can do it. I can try u send it aswell if Tim doesnt have enough space.

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thats cool i can't see the pictures tho can u send them to my pm i cant see at all (crys like a baby) haha please also thats cool you got to meet him he never comes to where i live or anywhere near it... which sucks and plus i have no money

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the forum got hacked??? by who what the hell

It was before you joined the forum... some Viatnemese guy hacked the forum and a bunch of the threads were gone

yes.. and Tim banned the whole Vietnam for it.. That way I can't access the forums when I go visit relatives.. :davidblaine:

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i havnt put the video up yet, i was actually thinking about it today, but i will look even more like a Lorretta than i already do. Its too cool to keep for myself tho, so im planning on putting it up at some point but im so snowed under with college work im not sure when (no i cant do it now coz parents are in bed and i need the tv loud).

Heres some pics in the mean time. Ah the memories!

Kim took this pic, thats Will as he is taking my pen from me, notice the terrified look on his face.


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