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Help stopping this beef on the board!

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I contacted the person/people in charge of the board over there saying that they need an active moderator over there. I also let them know i did it for 3 years when he waz with Columbia. Alot of those people in charge of those sites aren't active so i don't even expect a reply...but i figured it waz worth a try.

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Well the best thing is to stop posting in that topic and those clowns will stop too, they just don't wanna hear the truth! :ditto: Well they'll find out soon enough when FP destroys Em with those few lines he has for him.

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great from B2K fans we moved 2 lower leavel when we thought there is no lower level then B2K fans...



Well, it can't always be perfect. After all, it's a Will Smith board. He's been dissed his whole career cuz people mistake kindness 4 softness. Forget about those fools, they'll always be there. Their ignorance proves they don't know what they're talking about anyway.

It's funny, there's more beef between the Will Smith fans and the Eminem fans than there is between Will + Eminem!! We're all taking this thing way 2 far when there's nothing even goin on!

That's right, sometimes nothing's going on but the fans almost start to fight each other! :hilarious:

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These kids over there are rambling on about how Eminem was a such a great undergound mc, they obviously watch too much "8 Mile". :hilarious: I think there should be a DVD about when JJFP was growing up and battling in Philly, that'd shut those suckers up! :dj: :ali:

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