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[color=blue]I can't remember all the moderators on the old board, so if I miss anyone's name, please forgive me...but here's my proposed list., of who I think would do a fantastic job...however they'd have to decide which forum suits their interest best...and if they would even want to consider being on the moderating team...

3Cookies ~ Personally, I'd like to moderate Caught In The Middle and/or (Dear Jeff/Dear Will with Vipa, Topdawg, or Jimbo)

List of other candidates, and in no particular order...

~ Prince (Numero Uno)
~ Willreign (Pump Up the Board)
~ The Real Big Willie (Big Will)
~ WildWildWillenium (JJFP Too Damn Hype)
~ Top Dawg (The Magnificant)
~ Jazzie Julie (Fresh Prince Of BelAire, or I Robot)
~ Vipa (Fresh Prince Of BelAire, or I Robot)
~ JumpinJackAJ (I Make This Look Good and/or All Of Us) ~unless AJ's too tied up with Will's board
~ Da Brakes (Numero Uno)
~ DevilsJim89 (once he registers, unless its another screen)

I also thought about Fan4ever, (in The Magnificant), but I haven't seen him on in quite some time, and Im sure he gets kinda buzyfrom tyme to tyme...

This is an open nomination, and everybody is welcome to vote for the above mentioned, or nominate whomever you feel would best suit moderating a particular forum...

3cookies[/color] Edited by 3cookies
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  • Admin
prince you dont have to grovel but it may be a good idea to use a few of these :angel: :angel: :angel: :rofl: :rofl:

okay prince ive added you as a moderator for numero uno

jazzyjulie you are now a moderator of the fresh prince of bel air

and cookies you are a moderator of caught in the middle along with willreign

:peace: :peace: :peace: :peace:
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[color=blue]I think that willreign will do a great job moderating that forum alone. Because of the topic of discussion, two moderators may not be necessary... :biggrin:

I'll hold off, until other fans that request to moderate any particular forums, and then just fill in wherever help is needed, so far now willreign can handle that forum by himself, im sure of it...

Is there anybody else that would like to moderate?



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[font="Arial"][color=blue]LOL...yea,..I thought you'd fit well in that category hehe. But, now you guys should
let Hero know if you want to moderate, because I'm sure he won't just appoint ppl
without them wanting to moderate...

CONGRATULATIONS to all the newly assigned MODS...and THANX alot Hero!!!

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