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hope you understand the translation

article in Spanish

Will Smith says that humor is the best medicine

feb. 16/2005


MEXICO, DF.- Will Smith thinks that humor is the medicine that the world needs. In his third visit to México he promotes

"Hitch, especialista en seducción"...

..."the laugh works like a medicine and it´s something that people need right now in the whole world, because of the

happened in Irak or right now with the tsunami: people should be ready to get free of what we see everyday in the newspaper"

says seriously Will Smith

in USA the film did 45 million in its first weekend, are the ppl from USA sad because they will have the same president

for 4 more years and they need to laugh? (Smith laughs) "No comments, no politics" he said and adds: "in general, I think

life is tough, in the 60's there was an atmosphere of war, in the 70's everybody wanted to dance and have relax, then

everybody became depressive because of the wars. For that reason the comedy is important, in fact there is scientific

information about that the laugh reduces stress and I appreciate that the film industry let ppl get free and move on with

their lives every day"

Will Smith was born laughing and perhaps it's for that reason that he laughs about serious topics like the advices (a few

weeks ago) from the USA embassy about to not visit México because it is considered like a dangerous country.

"the State Department tell things to the ppl and those things are from their own perspective, I know that's the point of

view of someone else and I need to get my own point of view, to find it out; and for being American I know there isn't a

single voice neither a Department of State that tells you what to see and what to do, as individual you should take your own

vision. and if they ever do a report about Los Angeles I tell you that nobody would go there nevermore, if they tell you

about the crimes occurred in the city nobody would visit it, each time I read or see those reports I don't swallow them, I

don't believe it just because somebody has said that, besides there are good people everywhere, but what it happens is that

the bad guys always appear on the news"

Is USA the most dangerous place to live as you said in the press conference? "well, I've had many experiences in

Philadelphia: when I was 9 years old I saw how somebody shot to a guy and they kill him in front of me, police has assaulted

me and, well, for me there are certain places that you should not visit.

In every country and city there are neighborhoods which you should not go, the fact is that, generally, those are world

tension places and the media sells that, but I don't imagine a place more dangerous than the place where I grew up"

Smith makes a balance between movies and social work, as an ambassador from the Nelson Mandela foundation. "I don't see my

career just for money or ego, to being an ambassador, for example, it gives me the opportunity to make a call to social


Will said that the main objective of his films is to give happiness and hope for everybody and he doesn't pretend to win

awards and to work for a race. "I don't make films for only one race, I don't make films only for Afro-Americans or for white

Americans, I make films to create hope"

----Will gave lessons----

dance lessons, how to kiss girls and Spanglish, but mainly he gave lots of laughs:

"¿Hola?... estoy muy bien ¿y tú?... qué bueno; escucha: soy Will Smith y estoy en una conferencia, ¡por favor!",

(that means: Hi?...I'm very well and you?...I'm glad; listen: I'm Will Smith and I'm in a conference, please"!,) he said in

Spanish while he hold on a cell phone that he requested to a journalist after it interrupted the chat.

Then, the actor, who mixed very well Spanish and English ask to two journalists: "please stand up and dance like you normally

use to do" he took the mic and he did with his voice something like a beat box, "No, no, no, look, this way" he began to

dance the same dance that he teaches to Kevin James in the movie. "did u see that? it's better"

how to kiss a woman: "you should approach to her only a 90% and let her do the other 10%" said Smith tasting the kiss.


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