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Lost and Found Tracklisting!


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Lost and Found Tracklisting!!

Check it the Lost and Found Tracklisting before anyone else!

1. Here He Comes

2. Party Starter

3. Switch

4. Mr. Niceguy

5. Ms. Holy Roller

6. Lost & Found

7. Why” featuring Mary J. Blige

8. Could U Love Me

9. If U Can't Dance featuring Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls

10. I Wish I Made That/ Swagga

11. Pump Ya Brakes featuring Snoop Dogg

12. Loretta

13. Wave Em Off

14. “Switch” Remix ftg Robin Thicke

I can also reveal the first track "Here He Comes" is a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince track! There will also be a hidden track, Switch remix with Elephant Man

Where did you find the Tracklist!

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

(probably has some other sources as well)

good day :sonny:

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haha, I read on those foreign websites of the track listings and was confused by the title: "I Wish I Made Shat" , but soon quickly realized it was "that". I was under the impression that Mary J. Blige's "Got To Be Real" was gonna be on it but if there's another track they made then that's ever betta. I'm so stoked for this album!!!

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to be fair, those sources probably nicked the info from this site! this site is the number one source

i know wut u mean, this is the best website ever created, i just wanted to let everyone know of some other thangs :thumb:

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Cool! the album is gettin hyped around the world now!

This is an translation from the news posted in almost every big newspaper in scandinavia:

"It's been three years, but now Will smith is back with a new album. The pushed back album Lost & Found is hitting the streets at the end of march and features guest appereances by Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige & Timbaland. The first single "switch" is being released in mid-march.

Smith's latest album, Born To Reign was released 2002 but didn't make success. 1999's Willenium was a huge success though. Will Smiths new movie Hitch is currently on top of the box office charts"

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